Penny Auction - A Type of Online Auction

quibids reviews - I had never heard the term “penny auction” whether referenced as an online auction or physical auction. When I saw it in an email communication, I decided to check it out. I researched the term and found some interesting information on the origins of these auctions. It seems that they originated in the United States during the Great Depression. They came about because people were losing their farms due to the inability to meet the financial obligations made with the lending institutions at that time.

A Little History

The history reveals that banks would hold auctions for the property of farmers on whom they were foreclosing. At the time of the actual auction, neighboring farmers and friends of those losing their property would attend the event and would prevent legitimate bids on any property from being made. In their attempt to help their friend or neighbor, they used whatever means was necessary to keep the bids to virtually pennies. Frequently, farms and all the property associated with it were sold for under $5.00. This sounds pretty amazing to me…$5.00 in 1932 had more buying power than it does now but it was still not much at all for a farmland, equipment and buildings. The banks had to accept the proceeds from the auction as full payment for the debt. Needless to say, the banks, at that time, were not happy. They found ways around this illegal type of auction.

Online Penny Auctions Today

quibids reviews - This type of auction still takes place today but it has changed significantly. First of all, it is now legal and, secondly, it is frequently an online auction. These internet auctions can be found all over the net, in every country of the world. The products posted for sale on them is quiet varied. The sites tend to have a short life cycle, typically 3 to 5 years.


quibids reviews - Though these sites are fraught with fraudulent participants, there are legitimate ones out there and there are advantages to the buyer for participation. As a buyer, you have the opportunity to get a real deal (or steal) on products, especially high ticket ones; there is always the chance of locating a rare find; some buyers experience a great deal of joy and excitement in dealing with the global implications of online auctions; and then there are those buyers who just delight in the bidding activity. The best part…it can all be done with a click of your computer mouse from your easy chair, or from the office, or from the seat of an airplane or using your mobile phone from wherever you are.

Online auctions can be fun as well as cost effective for many purchases. And, remember, there is always a chance you will find that special piece for a collection for which you have searched long and hard. Will this be the day you find it online?

Fap Turbo - Forex Megadroid Vs Fap Turbo in Battle with the Droids

fapturbo - Forex Megadroid and Fab Turbo are some of the Top Rated trading softwares today. All foreign trading market droids are automated, user friendly, and it has the capabilities to trade Round the clock but only both of these offer other services important to note. Amongst other activities, this article wishes to guide the novice and veteran trader to find out which between the two automated trading currency droids would fit his needs.

fapturbo review - The Forex Megadroid is caused by the combined efforts of two veterans of the foreign exchange market. Their 38 year experience led to the creation of a droid. This is tried and tested before releasing it towards the public in March 28, 2009. Forex Megadroid was made with artificial intelligence, understanding the Reverse Correlated Price and Time Analysis (RCPTA). Many predicts the near future movement with the market in an accuracy of 95.82%, 2-4 hours in advance. Inside same time frame, it makes a written report on subject loss and profit areas. Within the hectic environment of trading that information combined with the 2-4 hour ahead of time prediction is a superb advantage.

fapturbo reviews - Forex Megadroid is easy to use. No training required. In 5 minutes the download and installation is over. One can immediately start trading. This droid will begin trading with simply some money. Therefore, Forex Megadroid can service even those getting started is with a tiny investment.

Fapturbo offers realtime trading outcomes using a distinctive algorithm method. This technique checks for losses and maximizes profits. Nine year of public use, verifies its acceptance as a possible automated and user friendly droid with a 95% accuracy result. It really is fully automated and may stand alone. Requiring little supervision it could trade by itself. But records may be affected within the of power failures so a number server is usually recommended.

Fap Turbo needs a fifty dollar start-up trading amount. Fap Turbo isn’t as simple to use because the Megadroid. But to aid the trader, Fapturbo posseses an online and telephone help center. Still, with the larger start-up trading amount, it could be a greater advantage when the trader has some experience.

In the battle of droids, you are now equipped with this data and you will now decide which droid, Forex Megadroid or Fab, should be your allay as you enter and then try to emerge victorious within the jungles of the forex trading market.